Our Collective Destroyer

by Arise the Titan

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What others have to say about ARISE THE TITAN ” Our Collective Destroyer”

“This is hand- crafted Ohio metal made by people who have no doubt had to endure one too many bleak Ohio winters. It seems to be that this area is producing more of these extreme metal bands everyday and sooner or later the mainstream press is going to have to wake up to the fact that Ohio’s heavy metal scene is more crushing than ever.” Andy,Heavy Metal Time Machine

“An above-average EP of modern death metal/deathcore that should find favor with fans of bands like Whitechapel.” -Daniel, Metal Underground.

“What I think is so unique about this EP, is that you can hear splashes of many different Metal sub-genres, meshed together brilliantly. Most notably you’ll find traces of Metalcore and Hardcore in the music, and the vocals at times are borderline Death Metal. Their ability to step outside of the shell of a single genre and encompass “METAL” in many of its forms, is what makes this EP so amazing.”
- Jason, Metal Local


Metal Underground: www.metalunderground.com/reviews/details.cfm?releaseid=6545



released January 13, 2012

All songs written and performed by Arise the Titan (Kyle Mertz, Adam Zealer, Michael Leone, Shane Valentine, Chaunce Martin)

All songs recorded and produced by Josh Palmer of Zombie Takeover Media

Photos by Spitfire Photography

Artwork by Jessica Stafki



all rights reserved


Arise the Titan Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Red Sky's Mourning
Track Name: False Entitlement
We are nothing,
yet so many are ignorant of their insignificance.
You must accept, you must see
that this world needs nothing from you.

We exist in just a flash,
a mere speck in time and space.
Accept this and you will find
it eases much of life's pain.

I don't know what part of this is so hard to accept:
our reality is make-believe.
In this fact I find true comfort, all we can do is be.
Be who we are, chase what we want,
just know that there is nothing beyond our fiction.
Nothing beyond our own self-important lies.

So fucking get up and live.
You waste your sorry lives bowing your head to a power that doesn't exist.

You're all oppressed by this god which you seek.

This world was not created for you, you're just a small part of something that's dying out.
Humanity will live on, suffering, but society is going by the wayside.
Religion will see the end of us.

So don't look to the skies for your livelihood, your prayers will never be answered
Your churches feed off of the lies which you believe in, they are amassing the ignorant.
As one of them you're financing the destruction of what rare chance has produced in us.
Be reminded that our lives are not eternal.
Once you accept this you can stop living in fear.

Now arise and go forth,
live your worthless life and be proud of the fact that you,
you know what you are.
You will not bow to delusion.

We cannot remain ignorant.

Free yourself
from these shackles.
These gods have held us down for long enough.
Free yourself.
Let god go.
Let god go.
Track Name: Bluntasaurus Rex
Let the alcohol flow through your veins,
take all the smoke into your lungs,
because tonight its time to let it all go.

So leave your past where its at and tranquility will follow you home.

So lets go! Where is the party at?
I feel the need to get as high as I fucking can
So let go! Of your troubled past
Lets have some fun, lets embrace the moment.

Move now.

I'm ready and willing, come here and show me just what I've been missing.

We don't give a fuck
These standards will not govern us.

We couldn't care less about your judgments.

Its getting late, I'm getting dizzy.
So what're we waiting for? Its time to get to it.
I grab your hips, you claw my back apart.
We'll fuck this night away and answer to no one.

No one at all will decide my fate,
no one but me.

We don't give a fuck
These standards will not govern us.
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck

To those of us who live by the night, it would appear as if the rest of you are wasting your time.
There's not much to this existence, so let it go.
To those of us who live by the night, it would appear as if the rest of you are wasting your time.
So light up and drink up and repeat after me.

We don't give a fuck
These standards will not govern us
We don't give a fuck
These standards will not govern us

This life is yours.
Track Name: Consumed
What have you done?
You've torn apart what once stood strong.
What the fuck have you done?
Time will pass and prove you wrong.

When I wake up each day I beg for my fucking death.
These endless thoughts of our life at its very best leave me
For that which once nourished me.
But that which once gave me life is gone.

I hope you drown in your guilt,
these things you have done will not be forgotten.
Your conscience can never be clean,
you stole the purpose from a life all without a good reason.
I'm sure you had good intentions,
but all this resulted in is a loss of hope.
I never had much to begin with,
so now I'm staring upon a life so meaningless.
So devoid of worth.
I need to find my strength and move forward.

It is time for me to move onward,
to claim what is mine,
restore my own life.
I will not be chained down by my past.
Nothing you do could ever stand in my path.

See my pain, feel my strength.
Know that I will never be stopped.
See my pain, feel my strength,
your cowardice will not affect my future.

This isn't over yet.
The guilt will consume you and I cannot help you.
What do you think you've done?
You will learn,
Oh how you will learn
That happiness cannot be found in selfishness.

See my pain, feel my strength.
I'll keep moving forward.

You've left me behind
cold and alone.
You've broken what you have built.
You know you've done wrong,
you ruined my home.
I hope you are hurting seeing what you've done.

I can no longer look to the past for my meaning.
You came and you left
So to the future, I move on.

You will be consumed.
I'm moving on, leaving you as a memory.
You will be consumed
By your guilt.
Track Name: The Inevitable Collapse (Our Collective Destroyer)
The human collective has enslaved us since the dawn of time
I have been to the other side, I have witnessed the fall of the hive mind.
Forget anything that you thought you knew, for we are all controlled by the very same forces

We are but ants
We are separate entities behaving predictably to produce a superorganism
We fly these separate flags, but we are all the same
We all must bow to our collective power.

We are all prison born, trapped within these cell blocks.
So why not escape? Why not slip into death in the first place?
Death is not something I fear.
Rather, I welcome its grace with open arms

This world is dying,
we are all dying,
there is not much left to do.

Our very nature is collapsing upon itself.
We're complacent with less and less,
our very technology's replacing our biology.
Our secrets are kept safe within the portals,
but if they're lost, we begin to fall as we're...

Crushed by the weight of the world.
We're all crushed by the weight of the world.

Look to the ones that you hold dear,
for they will produce the meaning which you seek.
They will soften the blow as you're

Crushed by the weight of the world.
You'll be crushed by the weight of the world.

Don't forget that we are all enslaved still:
there is no escape, only diverted attention.
We are all a product of our galactic environment.
Track Name: A Crimson Tide
We'll keep our heads above the water,
We'll keep our heads above the sea.
We'll keep our heads above the water,
We'll keep our heads above the sea.

These oceans seek to destroy us.
The salt is burning my wounds,
the only remnants of a broken vessel.
We set out to find a new home.
Your well-intentioned thoughts have only left behind misery.

We've been betrayed.
These selfish fools have nearly led us to our graves.
This endless greed, masked by a smiling face:
they sell false security to those they intimidate.
Their fortunes are gained upon our losses,
and until we fucking stand up for ourselves
the abuse will never cease.

Now let's arise and become what we're destined to be.
We must struggle to survive,
we must keep our heads above the sea.

We'll keep our heads above the water,
We'll keep our heads above the sea.

The forces at work here are greedy and malevolent.
They'll stop at nothing to strip us of our humanity,
they've sold us out in the name of a profit.
They've cast us away to these treacherous seas.

We may seem to be treading water,
but it is here where we gather our strength together.

We'll purge the world of its existence
to look forward to brighter days.
Man's endless lust for power must stop,
or else these vile forces will surface again.

The waves will wash their remains away.
A crimson tide will announce their defeat.
But we can never rest,
we must care for our brothers and sisters.

We can never again surrender our rights so freely to those who would abuse us.

The waves will wash their remains away.
A crimson tide will announce their defeat.
Track Name: Eyes of the Betrayer
Of all these promises that you've made,
did you ever plan on keeping any one of them?
I don't know if you recall the things you said,
but we had a commitment to stick together.

If you cannot fight for what you once loved,
how could you forget your past, your love, your family?
This cannot be you,
I do not know you.

Where have you gone?
Where is the place that I once called home?
Where could you be?
How could you abandon your family?

How about we turn back the clocks to investigate what could've happened had this been handled with any grace.

We went so far, we handled things well
Don't abandon what you've started, don't leave these empty promises.
Find some reason and we can work together, solve these mistakes
and mend our wounds.
Mend our wounds.

Where have you gone?
Where is the place that I once called home?
Where could you be?
How could you abandon your family?

The weight of your actions has burdened me,
I can't move forward or see the good in anything.
My progression has halted, I must break free,
but all I want's to see you smiling next to me.

You broke all the promises you've made to me.
Our grand dream has fallen, but I still fucking believe.
My passion, my meaning has fallen from me.

I never wanted to live like this,
to bear the torture of your broken promises.
I gave you everything I have, you just couldn't do the same.
You failed to try.

Just promise me that you'll never forget

I'll never forget, I'll never forget the life we've shared.
Just tell me that its not the end...
And late at night when my mind is flush with fantasy, I remember what we had.
I won't let go of this dream.

Don't wake me up
Don't wake me up
I need to wake up
Don't wake me up

What's going on? What have I become?
I've dwelled in the past too long, now I'm stagnant
Becoming nothing.
I need to wake up, I need to move on.
Move on.
Track Name: The Fallacy
Follow me.
Follow the beat of my metronome.
We were a symphony, I was once music to your ears.

We are all flawed, we are all damaged goods.
Yet so many try to escape these faults,
to expect nothing but the best.
They expect nothing but perfection.
Not only from themselves, but also from their loved.
Now is the time to abandon this fallacy.

Now is the time we abandon
these unrealistic expectations.
Understand my flaws as I do yours,
know that we will always have them.
So I ask of you, please, abandon
these unrealistic expectations.
We are constantly developing and we will
find a way to live with ourselves.

We will, we will find a way to live.

I know I will never reach perfection,
but I can't say that I try.
I do, however, seek fulfillment,
and will continue til' the day that I die.
So just take my hand and join me once again...

Walk with me, live with me,
just know that we'll move forward.
The path is hard, the path is long,
just know that you'll always rest easy with me.

The time has come,
I must stop waiting for you to come back.
Know that you will always have a place in my heart,
I'll always look out for you.
But I need to look ahead, hope for the best,
but expect the very worst.

If you just take one thing with you, take these words:
Never invest in perfection.